Sunday, October 23, 2016


Activity one

It doesn't feel good to get no credit for your work. The other person gets all of the credit for your work, and they might feel bad and/or guilty. You should ask the person if you can use their work, and if they say yes, credit them. Look for creative commons license. If there is a creative commons license then permission has been given to use the work in certain situations. Make sure to always credit the originator.

Activity three


DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You [Lyric Video] - YouTube

 -DJ Snake ft. Justin Beiber- Let me love you 

Poem: Let me love you, a song made by two, going through hard times and needing some prays,
 perhaps going through the darkest of days,oh its been a crazy ride, driving the edge of a knife,
but I will never let her go.

Activity four:
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Bob was on a trip but decided he would put his tent away from the group, when he woke up the next morning no one was there. Now Bob has to live in this place with nothing but what he already has, a tent, flashlight, sleeping bag, pillow, and a first aid kit. what is the first thing he will do? Comment down below and add on to the story, be as specific as possible, and most important, have fun!

Activity 5:

Sentence, Over the mountains was a tall skyscraper.

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Image result for mountainsImage result for skyscraperPowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint - CrystalGraphics2048 MountainsCrystalGraphics2048 Mountains
Skyscraper - Wikipedia

Activity 6

Image result for animated personImage result for animated person fightingImage result for animated person standing up for himself
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Animated Person -
Fighting Stock Photos and Images. 174,
Bully Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Image
NO | Publish with Glogster!
Gang Up Images, Stock Pictures, Roya

Activity 7
Image result for soccerANAHEIMSOCCER.ORG

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Jazz Dancer Clipart Silhouette | Clipart P
Image result for paddle boardingHome Page


Activity 8