Sunday, November 27, 2016


There are many things that I enjoy about blogging. One thing is the people. The people I get to comment on. There are so many! Also I look through the blog list and I chose one person. One person! Out of everyone I choose you. I also love commenting, Commenting lets you express yourself to someone else. They can comment back which is awesome! All though there are some cool things about blogging, they don't always have their perks. One thing is the no spam code. Oh my gosh, you write the whole long comment that you worked hard on, thinking about every word, then you forget to put the no spam code and it has an error to where you need to start all over again. That bugs me and it happened more than once. To find blogs to comment on I go to the student blogging challenge and scroll down. I usually look for someone my age and same country. I click on the link to their blog, find a post I like, read it and type a positive comment. There are many ways to start a comment. I will show you three starters by Anne Davis. Another thing to consider is... I can relate to this... This makes me think of...Anyway these are tips and things I relate to about commenting. 

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