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ELA 7 30 October 2016

The break in
Based on a true story

Brooke was laying down on the couch watching TV and snapchatting, probably with the dog filter.  All of the sudden she heard something, a bang on the wall. It almost sounded like a boxer punching a punching bag.  She noticed it was getting louder and louder. At this moment Brooke was alone, and it was a dark night, a slight cold breeze to take away the sparkling rain which was the night before.
Brooke shook as the noise grew louder. She realized it kept getting noisier….until silence. A few seconds went by which felt like an hour to Brooke, and then BANG! A noise thundered so loud that Brooke thought someone was yelling with all of their might in her ear. Brooke jumped up like a frog trying to get a juicy fly, and sprinted to the door, opened it up and yelled, “Go Away!”
Brooke was shaking, almost trembling in fear, but she knew whatever it was, it had to go away. Once again, a few seconds went by, yet it felt more like a few years. She saw some bushes moving and realized she had been outside for a long time and ran back in and locked the door and was shaking like a dog who just took a bath, and heard a shaking of a handle. It sounded like car on a rough road.   A few more shakes, and then a hard turn. Brooke could hardly move but got up and took a hard look out of the peep hole. Then as Brooke stood there, couldn’t believe her stupidity, realized it was that day, yes. April Fools.
Brooke sprinted toward the door, unlocked it, and ran out and punched her dad hard in the gut. Brooke’s dad was laughing so hard, almost crying and gave Brooke a big hug. “ I got you so good!” announced dad to the whole neighborhood.
“Dad that prank wasn’t funny!” Yelled Brooke as angry as she would ever be.
 Her dad had to try  to apologize for what he did, “Sorry baby, I didn’t want to get you too scared, I thought it would be funny.”
Brooke was still upset but, whispered “It’s okay, it’s called revenge.”
Dad got a little shock and felt himself get a slight nerve tingle, “ What is that supposed to mean?” Dad stuttered nervously
Brooke with a slight slim of a smile, “Oh, nothing.”
Dad got a little scared, “ Brooke!” yelled dad.
Staying calm, Brooke glanced up at him and whispered, “Didn’t I tell you?”
“No?” dad questioning. Brooke starting moving backwards into the house.“
Image result for doorIt’s called revenge,” answered Brooke and slammed the door shut. People might have thought she did the correct thing, but in reality, Brooke shouldn’t go outside when she hears something alone. But all in all Brooke learned her lesson, but looks like someone was going to get pranked.
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